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Big Ben

Big Ben


Step into the heart of London and behold the majestic Big Ben, a symbol of the city's rich history and timeless elegance! Standing tall and proud amidst the bustling streets of Westminster, Big Ben is not just a clock tower; it's an iconic landmark that has captured the imagination of people around the world. Did you know that Big Ben refers to the clock's Great Bell, housed within the tower, and not the entire structure itself? With its intricate Gothic Revival architecture and melodious chimes echoing across the city, Big Ben serves as a steadfast guardian of London's past and present. Whether you're a history enthusiast or simply drawn to the allure of London, our Big Ben woodlet is the perfect addition to your collection, reminding you of the timeless beauty of this iconic landmark. Making Fun, one woodlet at a time.


🧩 Flat-pack fun, our 3D wooden kit-sets are raring to be pieced together

🧩 Made from 100% sustainably sources wood & VOC-free inks

🧩 Kiwi-made and proud to be crafted in beautiful New Zealand

🧩 Simple-to-follow visual guides for a smooth, hassle-free assembly

🧩 Planet-conscious with our 2x plastic offset with Plastic Collective

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