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Ah, the Baboon - nature's mischievous monkey with a penchant for pranks! Did you know that baboons teeth are longer than a leporards, and male baboons can have canine teeth that measure almost two inches long! They are also known for being natural born pranksters, often playing tricks on each other such as pulling tails or stealing food. Our Baboon woodlet captures the playful and curious nature of these primates in a unique and eye-catching way. Whether you want to add a touch of the wild to your home or pay homage to these cheeky creatures, our Baboon will have you howling with laughter! Making Fun, one woodlet at a time.

🧩 Flat-pack fun, our 3D wooden kit-sets are raring to be pieced together

🧩 Made from 100% sustainably sources wood & VOC-free inks

🧩 Kiwi-made and proud to be crafted in beautiful New Zealand

🧩 Simple-to-follow visual guides for a smooth, hassle-free assembly

🧩 Planet-conscious with our 2x plastic offset with Plastic Collective

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