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Bounding through meadows with a hop and a twirl, the Bunny is nature's fluffy friend! With its soft fur and twitching nose, it's a delightful sight to see. Did you know that bunnies are expert jumpers, capable of leaping several times their body length in a single bound? They also have a unique form of communication called thumping, where they drum their hind legs on the ground to warn others of danger. Our Bunny woodlet captures the charm and innocence of these adorable creatures in a whimsical and endearing way. Whether you're a nature lover or simply adore cute critters, our Bunny woodlet will add a touch of sweetness to any space. Making Fun, one woodlet at a time.


🧩 Flat-pack fun, our 3D wooden kit-sets are raring to be pieced together

🧩 Made from 100% sustainably sources wood & VOC-free inks

🧩 Kiwi-made and proud to be crafted in beautiful New Zealand

🧩 Simple-to-follow visual guides for a smooth, hassle-free assembly

🧩 Planet-conscious with our 2x plastic offset with Plastic Collective

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