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Elephants are the gentle giants of the savannah with an impressive physique and a remarkable memory! Commonly known for being the largest land animals on the planet, elephants have a unique ability to remember things. They can remember other elephants and humans for decades, and can even recognize themselves in mirrors! What really makes them stand out, though, is their incredible ability to express emotion. They’re known to shed tears when they’re sad or excited, which is just one of the many reasons why we humans love them so much. Our Elephant woodlet captures the majesty and intelligence of these magnificent creatures in a unique and stunning way. It's sure to add a touch of grace and beauty to any space. Making Fun, one woodlet at a time!

🧩 Flat-pack fun, our 3D wooden kit-sets are raring to be pieced together

🧩 Made from 100% sustainably sources wood & VOC-free inks

🧩 Kiwi-made and proud to be crafted in beautiful New Zealand

🧩 Simple-to-follow visual guides for a smooth, hassle-free assembly

🧩 Planet-conscious with our 2x plastic offset with Plastic Collective

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